Comparison Essay: Nazi Germany's Dictatorship vs. Australian Democracy.

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Historical events have shaped our world to create the societies we exist in today. People like the Greeks, Romans and English have had immeasurable impacts of the way we comprehend, rationalize, analyze and respond to events. There are events in history that alter the state of being, either for the good or for the bad. Nazi Germany; one of the most horrific societies to have ever endured, compared to Australia's democracy in the 21st century. As unreal as the thought is, it's a curious topic. Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Nazi Germany versus John Howard, the Liberal leader voted in as Prime Minister. Exciting, yet so obvious as to who would win. Of either societies the most preferable to live under would be today's Australian democratic government.

Adolf Hitler, murderer of millions, master of destruction and organized insanity, did not come into the world as a monster. He was not sent to earth by the devil, nor was he sent by heaven to "bring order" to Germany, to give the country the autobahn and rescue it from its economic crisis.

No, Adolf Hitler, the century's greatest threat to terrorism was and still is the redefined meaning of evil. And although defeated, although dead, he's still frightening. Hitler was the incarnation of pure absolute evil. Compared to Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were simple novices.

Hitler terrorized his adversaries. He knew how to please, impress and charm the people he wanted support from. He gained an immense amount of support from German citizens. Many view Hitler as a real leader, the way he gained such an enormous amount of support. Yes, Hitler gained such support but the principles in which he used to gain such followers was devious. Hitler was a liar and incredibly deceitful. By no means was Hitler a revolutionist,