Competence and the communication with clients

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Why is communication with clients included in the definition of competence? What role does a paralegal play in this area?

Communication with clients is included in the definition of competence because the importance of communication cannot be taken lightly. Clients in any type of case will not learn the status of their case progress without the good work of a paralegal and attorney communicating with the client. A client will not care how successfully their case is progressing if they are not able to reach or get in contact with anyone to get regular updates on their case.

It is good practice for any attorney or paralegal to return client phone calls in a timely fashion and to regularly make phone calls to update the client on the case status. This communication is especially critical for the paralegal(s). Attorneys are usually very busy with trials and court appearances to always promptly return client phone calls or messages.

The paralegal plays the major role in keeping the client informed and up to date on progressions in their case.

Some standard practices should be put into place in every office to ensure the client is always informed. Phone calls and e-mails should be returned promptly, usually within a 24-hour time frame. Attorneys and their paralegals should make sure to educate their client about the law and legal process regarding their case. All staff should show and express their concerns to their clients situation. Clients should also be sent copies of all work product and documents relevant to their case.

Communication is key to any case for all attorneys and their paralegals. This importance makes it a key component in the definition of competence. If this line of communication is broken, either intentionally or unintentionally, it can be detrimental to...