COMPETITION There are a number of weight loss products and services in the U.S. market today

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There are a number of weight loss products and services in the U.S. market today, ranging from chemical and herbal treatments to various kinds of programs and equipment that people can use. However, for our product our main competitors are other non-prescription tablets such as; Metabolife, Trimspa Fat Blocker, Xenadrine, Cortislim, Curb Your Cravings, Thermo-Burn and many more ( Other competitors include; prescription tablets such as, Xenical, Phentermine, Adipex, Meridia and Tenuate (, herbal weight loss such as, Green Tea, weight loss eating programs such as Jenny Craig, exercise equipment such as, the Ab-Doer and to the extreme, weight loss surgery such as liposuction.

In addition, scenarios that may cause the industry to change in the future could be due to the following:

1. According to Finkelstein(2003), the states spend as much as $93 billion a year in medical expenditures related to overweight and obesity, of which over half is funded by taxpayers through Medicare and Medicaid.

These findings illustrate the devastating economic impact obesity has on health care delivery systems across America. Unless programs aimed at reducing the rise in obesity rates are successfully implemented, overweight and obesity attributable spending will continue to increase and the government will continue to finance a sizeable portion of the total. Medical practitioners might then encourage patients to seek other treatments such as weight loss tablets like ours, hence increasing the demand for our product.

2. Due to technology continuously progressing there are shifts beginning to develop from heavy work to light work ( Phillipson, 1999). Especially in a postindustrial and redistributive society like America, most work entails little exercise and not working surely doesn't reduce weight, hence people must pay for undertaking rather than be paid to undertake physical activity. Again increasing the demand for our product.

3. People these...