Composition on bad elements on the internet: spyware/adware/phishing etc.

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What is Spyware?

Spyware means Spy (soft)Ware. Spyware is the new trend of extracting personal data and harassing the user. Spy Software can be used to control your data, change browser security settings, steal passwords by keylogging, or track your online activities. By unknowingly installing spyware you may even be giving access to your computer etc.


Some spyware will keep on opening pop-up ads that may be for adult websites. Spyware may also open ads even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Spyware could change all your browser settings. Your home page could be one you never knew about or may be an adult site. When you use the browser search, the Google or MSN search may not open instead, An unscruplous site that may even ask for personal details. Never provide personal information to unknown websites. You also may not be able to change these settings.

Your Web browser has Toolbar's or Icons that are new and you haven't downloaded these. eg. CoolWeb Bar, My SearchBar. These bars reappear every time you restart your system.

Your computer becomes slower suddenly.

Your computer starts to crash randomly.

Save yourself from spyware

If you surf the Internet for a few hours everyday, you will probably want to download Music, Games, or software. Although the software may well be legitimate, Don't take chances.

1. Do not download software from unknown sources on the Internet.

2. Download an Anti-Spyware program (see box)

3. Scan your computer with the Spyware Remover

4. Install a firewall (see box)

5. Use a different browser (see box)

6. Use a pop-up blocker (see box)

7. Identify legal Download sites (see box)

8. Never install ActiveX controls whose Publisher identity is unknown to you

9. If you are running Microsoft Windows XP, download or buy...