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Computer Upgrading What happens when a computer becomes out of date? Quite often we junk our old system and buy a new one wasting our investment in a computer that served us well over the past few years. Owners may have a name brand computer like Packard Bell, Dell, Gateway 2000, IBM, Compaq, HP, and Apple Macintosh, and they all cost well over a thousand dollars. In just a few years, it looks worthless. It doesn't always need to be like this. In many cases you can save money by upgrading the computer. There are many ways to give a computer more power for less than a new computer would cost.

One way to speed up a computer is to increase the amount of memory or RAM (Random Access Memory). Adding more memory can substantially improve the performance of a PC. If the computer possess less memory than the software requires it keeps sending information between the memory and hard drive wasting precious time.

The cost of computer memory dropped dramatically in price with in the last few months, and it doesn't cost much to add memory to a system. All it takes to add memory is to insert or replace an older chip with a new one.

Another way to increase a computer's performance is by changing the processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit). This can be a very difficult and expensive way. If your motherboard will not accept a faster processor the only way to upgrade the CPU would be by replacing the motherboard as well. Replacing the motherboard can be a difficult task and should only be done by professionals. To replace a CPU all you have to do is locate the processor, disconnect the fan from the motherboard, pull the locking level to...