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Synopsis on article: This article mentions that Private Bookmark 3.0 is a soft ware that helps you to keep web sites private in an encrypted file and runs automatically as a hidden program when Windows is running. This prevents other users from pulling your sites to view and can only be accessed with a special keyboard combination.

Date: 4/18/00 Class: Senior Seminar in Computer Science Useful WWW Sites: :Training Directory Article 3: Computer training: The training imperative This article is about staff training as an important necessity in the work place for IT people and staff members. It states that it is needed to keep their business up to speed with the ever-changing technology. It also says that with increased improvements in technology it is easier for more staff to get the training they need. Also the article mentions that companies investing in training will help their employees to become more productive and not spend too much time on the job learning by trail and error.

The article talks about the difference between computer based training and traditional class instruction. It goes on to say that the advantages of computer based training is that it can be used anytime, anywhere. Also it says that the best format for future training is a combination of both which is happening now.

Week 4 Useful WWW: Article: Monitoring Intranet Performance: Time to Strategize Synopsis on article: The article describes the strategy to avoid potential problems. According to the article it states that there are four steps to take in managing intranet performance. The first step is to get a clear understanding of the environment by interviews and reviewing all information. Second step mentioned is to know what is best for the business by setting guidelines that checks out...