Concentration Camp

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The mist lifted slightly off the moist, green fields of the camp. It was just me and mother left, the Nazi's had already taken my fathers life, taking too a part of my soul. Tears rolled down my face, chained to the others we walked in sync shuffling past the concrete chambers. I heard the heartfelt screams for the help that would never come, a cloud of black thick smoke drifted from the chimney like a ghost leaving a murky soul, the stench unforgettable, consuming my body.

Along with all the others standing along side me, I could feel the tension and see the fear wiped across our innocent faces. The gentle sobs vanishing into the dimming light of the day, death was coming I told myself as I clenched mothers hand, never wanting to let go. Her palms sweaty as our hands shook together uncontrollably. 

The final rays of sunlight left the sky, leaving only darkness and despair.

Fear of the unknown was diving into our souls and leaving our minds in despair, this feeling being our very last.

Screams came from the chamber followed by dead silence. The door was swung open; a waft of dust inhaled and seeped into my lungs. Another group were shoved into the pitch-black room. 
A short man in a uniform yelled out in a language I didn't understand, the other man nodded and pushed the button. Then the screams started again…
 the officer's face, blank with emotion. My heart swelled with a sea of tears, hopelessness consuming me as I shuffled slowly towards the dictator of death
 It felt like a dream, a nightmare, one that you would wake up from sweating and crying. Except it wasn't. The officer unlocked one of my chains, it falling to the...