Concert Critique for Santa Clara Senior Orchestra

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Unlike other youth orchestras in that area, their large and diverse structure (though most people are Chinese) allows me to find a place for most students interested in joining the organization. Today, my family and I went to see their highly regarded Santa Clara Senior Orchestra that requires a high level of commitment and talent.

Concerts tours, retreats, participation in music festivals and exchanges with other youth orchestras are a vital part of the the Santa Clara Senior Orchestra's experience. The Sabra Clara Senior Symphony participated in the 198 World of Music Festival in Hawaii, and were honored to be the first ensemble from California to participate in the Carnegie Hall American Youth Debut Series.

In June and July of 1996, the Symphony enjoyed a triumphant tour of Italy and Austria, participating in the 1996 International Music Meeting in Abano Terse, Italy and the International Festival of Youth and Music in Vienna, Austria.

At the festival, the Symphony won second place in the orchestra competition. During the summer of 1998 the Symphony toured England and Scotland, and participated in the Bournemouth Music Festival, and the Glasgow West End Festival.

Each year soloists of international stature are invited to perform as guest soloists with the Senior Symphony. In 2002-2003 ECYS presented violinist Alexander Barantshik and pianist Jon Nakamatsu. In recent years the Symphony has performed with pianists Barbara Nissman and Vladimir Viardo, cellist Michail Gelfandbein, and violinists Philip Quint and Bin Huang. In addition to professional soloists, outstanding student concerto competition participants are awarded performances with Senior Symphony orchestras.

This performance was simply great, because this Senior Symphony was highest ranked group in ECYS. It was also different from last time, because last time, sound of string had overpowered other instruments. However, this time was different because other instrument...