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A company must have the ability to encourage their employees to have creative thinking at every level in order to remain a competitive force that is able to develop products and services to the quickly changing environment. The importance of finding new innovative answers to challenges within the business is increasing. Managers need to produce opportunities to achieve unique perspectives on issues within the business along with implementing methods that empower the employees as well as themselves to develop ideas to these issues. "Encouraging innovative ideas is ideal for leadership skill development of all managers and team leaders who want to obtain more and more creative ideas and solutions to resolve business challenges and/or generate new approaches to business issues" (Encouraging Innovative Ideas, 2004, p1).

Promoting innovative ideas for developing creative input and ideas from the employees or teams allows managers to learn a synergetic process and critical skills not to mention assessing and moving the ideas that are right forward.

As the different sections of the companies are becoming intimidated by the competition, Creative thinking is no longer for inventors, designers, or marketers companies are now asking more from their employees.

Competitive Advantage"In the 21st century, competitive advantage is created by an organization's ability to develop innovations that solve problems quicker and create new products or services in less time" (Market Development Manager, 2006). Achieving goals and objectives faster and easier is what innovation does; it empowers people and organizations and has been the number one source for massive advancements in previous and current decades in productivity. With that being said, there are some innovations that call for extra collaboration in other industries. Managers need to be able to take risks by testing small improvements.

Lastly, a manager should not mind questioning accepted knowledge, but however test and search...