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I. MISSION STATEMENT Modernfold Doors of Chicago, Inc. Markets, sells installs, and services operable walls and folding partition systems to commercial markets in northern Illinois and northwester Indiana.

They aspire to expand their business to innovative moveable wall, partition, and specialty space division systems in commercial markets, where Modernfold Doors of Chicago, Inc. "sets the standard"� by which all others are measured with respect to corporate integrity, quality product, and customer satisfaction. They are dedicated to accomplishing this through a total team effort, which enables each of their associates to reach their best and fullest potential.

II. MARKETING PLAN Marketing Objectives (Summary) In 2000 Modernfold Doors will seek to increase its market share by years end by 10 points over 1999; or, to end 2000 at a closing level of 35% of the existing market. Therefore, their market share objective should result in an average 5.5 points for the year's total.

Historically their share has been around 30% however changes within their selling organization and price pressures had a negative effect on their market share. The maturing of their sales force and focused discounting should regain more than half of that with the balance coming as a result of programs.

A. Product Strategy Modernfold Doors of Chicago serves four main markets and four main customers. Their product strategy defines these four markets and customers and their buying habits, as well as how to improve the relationships that they have with them.

Markets Served: Education: Construction in the education market for the Chicago area is on the rise. With the aging infrastructure of the city school and the housing boom in the more suburban areas school construction should remain relatively strong for the next several years. Opportunities for closings in the year 2001 are, based on input from their salesman, are...