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In many significant ways, belief systems have impacted the lives of people around the world. One example of a belief system is Confucianism. Confucianism originated during the Zhou dynasty in China by a man called Confucius. The teachings of Confucius encouraged people to follow a code of moral conduct and have high respect for elders and authority. It also emphasized that the group is more important then individual welfare. These teachings by Confucius affected its followers by giving them peace and harmony, happiness. Since there was a great emphasis on education from Confucius's teachings, it let the government run more efficiently, being smarter and more respected. There are many main beliefs in which guide people on how to act in society, all directions clear and acceptable.

To Confucianism, there are five key relationships. Those five key relationships are, subject must give respect to ruler, son to father, wife to husband, younger brother to older brother, except friend to friend where there is an equal amount of respect shown to each other called the golden rule.

Respect shown to people greatly enhances peace because people would now consider age and sex before getting into any fights. To Confucius respect is very important, but those with authority power are to be showed more respect then any others, this affect the power of the government. Those who are older are to be shown respect, called filial piety, or respect for one's elders. In Confucianism, the father is head of the family, which is also known as a patriarchal society or male dominant. In Confucianism, family is the most important aspect of society. Family teaches correct human behavior and loyalty. It also stresses society rather then the individual, or social conformity. In other words, the needs of the...