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Confucius was born in 551 B.C. He was the founder of Humanistic School of Philosphy.

His disciples wrote the Analect, which is a collection of lectures and conversations they had with him. This is one of the main sources with his life recored. It is the most trusted.

As a child his family was part of the Aristocratic class, court officials, scholars teachersm, known as the 'Shih' class despite the decline of his familys fortune. Due to his familys misfortune he was forced to acquire many skills. His first occupation was kepper of the Lu Granary. Later on he became supervisor of the fields. These are low position but, are still consisten with Shih status.

Confucius is known mainly for his teachings. A little before age 30 is when he began his marvelous teaching career. In 518 B.C, he served as a tutor to prominent clans of Lu, the meng, wish his sons to be educated in Li, ritual.

Also, that year he traveled to Loyang to learn Chou ritual. There he met Lao Tzo a famous teacher. It is said that Lao Tzu honestly dissapproved of Confucius for his precision and conceit. Although, this story is very doubtful and not trusted. It belongs to the anti-confucian lore in regard to Taoist School.

The nominal head of state in Lu was Duke Kung. Although, the actual power were the Shu, Meng, and Chi clans. The most powerful was the Chi. In 517 Duke Chao took prisoner the Prime Minister, Chi P'in-tzu and immediatly was attacked by the other two clans. Chao fled to Chi and confucius fled with him most likely due to his loyalty.

When 515 came about Confucius returned to Lu. There he spent most of his time studying and teaching a large number of stufents. The...