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If the constitution could be changed what changes would you like to see?If not , what strengths do you see in the constitution? There are a number of amendments that appear in the constitution That should be changed. In the U.S., amendments are written down on paper but sometimes not properly enforced. The 8th amendment is the first to be examined. It deals with cruel and unusual treatment toward potential criminals. Criminal court procedures are at an all time slow and speedy trials are a thing of the past. The government spending and income policies need to be modified to modern times. Also the treason penalty should be more heinous in the new world.

If you don't know anyone immediate to you that has been abused by the police chances are you have probably been abused yourself. We can all remember incidents such as the Rodney King incident where the police physically mauled him.

Remembering incidents involving unfair treatment afflicted on me as well as my friends brings me to the conclusion that this amendment needs to be studied further. Minor things police departments do to ensure safety aren't good enough in today's racist environment.

Amendment 6 has been shoved under the rug in resent times.

Criminals can expect to spend at least a week in the county jail before a trial date. Even petty criminals can have trial set two to three weeks after being apprehended in which the perpetrator waits in jail if bail money is not provided. All of this occurs while the right of a speedy trial is written in the constitution of America.

The government shows its power to America by taxing the rich to support the poor. Plans in which the government pays for prisons in America need to be changed. Some widows...