The Constitutional Law of UK in Comparison with the Constitutional law of Russia

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Constitutional Law

The Constitution of United Kingdom In Comparison with the Constitution of Russia


Constitutional law is concerned with the role and powers of the institutions within the state and with the relationship between the citizen and the state . Thus, it tends to concentrate on the relation between the primary organs of sovereign power (for example, Parliament and the judiciary) and the fundamental principles of constitutionalism, such as the rule of law. All constitutional law presupposes the existence of a constitution, whether written or not.

A constitution sets out the relationship between individuals and the Government. It is a document that sets out necessary rules for the framework and operation of state institutions, for example defining the powers of the state and its agencies . Who can do what and where the limits of power are. This can only be of value if people feel an ownership of their constitution and other institutions are open and fair.

This essay will examine the constitutional law of the United Kingdom in comparison with the constitutional law of Russia. To do so a brief background and history will be discussed in order to explain how the current constitutional law of these two countries came about.

An Introduction to the United Kingdom and Russia's Constitution

Similarly, the study of constitution of the United Kingdom and Russia involves acquiring an understanding of variety of historical, legal, philosophical and political factors which have, over the centuries, shaped the organisation of these states. The United Kingdom appears to be almost unique in not having a constitution, which is conveniently set out in a single written document . Instead, it is comprised of Acts of Parliament, treaties, common law and European law, amongst others.

The Russian constitution, on the other hand is in a written format.