Contemprary Culture

Essay by logicsdiesF, April 2004

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Nowadays, there are plenty of national cultures in this rapid development era that make us feel very difficult to be familiar with other culture. The question what is the most effective way to understand contemporary culture always hovers in our mind. I agree with the speaker that to analyze the trends of its youth, contemporary culture can be effectively understood. However, we cannot focus ourselves on youth, sometimes adults usually exert great influence on the culture too C at the same time various facts also contribute to understand the culture such as economic and technology and so on.

Admittedly, in many countries, it's sure that young people always represent the trend of contemporary culture. One apt illustration of this point involves that when young boys and girls are in favor of movie star or popular music star, these famous star will get very high status, as the result millions of young people will dream to become a star and therefore Art University becomes the hot college.

The second example is that many special languages we used now are stemmed from young people Csuch as the word 'cool'. Young are more easily to assimilate the new knowledge then dissimilate it through the mass media, at last adults follow them. So if you want to understand the contemporary culture quickly, you had better to go through its youth fist.

However, culture is made up different facts, and youth can only represent one respective of it. Therefore, if the trend of youth cannot give you a broad perspective of culture, sometimes, it is the adults especially those so-called the representation of people who define the culture, they have a very strong influence on what be conductive to form the culture. In some closed country, people don not know what outside world looks like,