Continuation Of interviews with Florence a Pondo from Sub_Sahara Africa

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I have chosen to interview Florence Mdliwa, a Pondo (not originally, but married into a Pondo family) woman who has lived on our farm (Rheenedal) and worked for us since they moved from their village near Umtata 14 years ago.

I conducted the interviews in our living room, as Florence has 5 children and said that they would disturb us. Florence is also very comfortable in our house, as she has worked there for 14 years. One of the things I noticed for the first time was how basic Florence's vocabulary was. In the day-to-day conversations we have had, it went unnoticed, but once I had started to question her about certain things, I had to explain more and more. Florence's children all speak fluent Afrikaans and English, her eldest is even a sales representative in town, selling pesticides for the Co-op. Florence says that even though her husband (who died last year) became fluent in Afrikaans she has found it harder.

After questioning her some more and talking to Johannes, one of her sons, I came to the conclusion that TV might have played a role. Her husband bought a TV the first years they lived in Swellendam, and he and the children were addicted, as Florence describes it. However, she never liked it and believes that Television was the reason for their vast improvements in Afrikaans and English.

Another interesting fact I noticed in that particular interview was how Florence stared off by telling my about her hair. She said that she had just removed her braids and that next week she would be getting new hair extension. She seemed extremely excited about this. I questioned Florence about this. I had noticed that her hair had changed a great many times during the last few months,