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Controversy Paper In Florida, a problem is arising in the tourism industry: Tourist visiting Florida feel their lives are threatened while vacationing in the sunshine state. Moving down from New York a few years back, being a tourist myself, feel that tourist should not be afraid of vacationing in Florida. Living there about nine years, I have come to find Florida just as safe as any other state. Florida has an admirable record as a safe destination, noting that out of total 40 million visitors during the past year, 22 were victims of murder (Roberts, Craig.) As I see it the problem is quite small: to repeat, 22 people out of 40 million. A state which has America's highest rate of violent crime, which is 1,184 incidents per 100,000 people according to the FBI's latest reports, would not rank at all, compared to the tourism industry worth an annual 30 billion dollars a year, I feel that's a very low average.

Many tourists say they are targeted by their appearance and they stick out like a sore thumb, making them vulnerable targets. Yes they were targeted as tourist, why? Could it have been, they were seen leaving the airports, juggling their luggage and maps around, driving there shiny new rental cars. In one incident a Canadian teenager, Mark Fyke was on Spring break in Daytona Beach Florida, when he was attacked by a group of juveniles, and shot at point blank range in back of the head, killing him instantly. State officials tried to calm tourist fears. Craig Roberts, the Florida division of tourism's representative in Canada, noted that Fyke was not targeted because he was a foreigner. "This was more of a random violence incident" (Roberts.) Another incident, a British man and his girlfriend were shot near Tallahassee, Florida...