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Dr. Wu

1) Would you hire Dr. Wu? Provide several reasons for your answer.

Making this decision is pretty touch considering that Nathaniel Wu has all the qualities for this job and can really help establish the company. The one thing that really makes things hard is the disease he has been diagnosed with. Since we don't know what the certain age a person can actually see the effects, I would consider hiring him and signing a deal of just a few year contract. I believe that if they take it one year at a time this can help their business stay on track when it comes to discovering antidotes for all sorts of diseases and sickness. , we cannot predict the precise age of the onset of disease. Although, Nathaniel has already lived 30 years without any symptoms, he has approximately a 60 percent chance of onset by age 40.

However, there is a 10 year or more gap in which Nathaniel can and will be effective.

2) Is Nathaniel Wu qualified to perform the tasks outlined in the advertisement?

I believe that Nathaniel Wu has completely outlined the tasks they are looking for in a person. Nathaniel has spent several years working in one of the best research laboratories in the world and has developed an excellent reputation as a creative researcher and hard worker. Dr. Peters was impressed by the knowledge he contains, research skills, and potential for having special goals of the research team. He was the type that has been in the field of science and has many years of experience.

Does he have the scientific knowledge and skills to do the research?

Of course! He knows his materials and has a good standard of predictions as well as coming up with new discoveries. If...