"Cool it Carrie" by Carrie Andrews

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In the book "Cool it, Carrie", by Carrie Andrews. This girl named Carrie is facing a huge problem. One day, Carrie was in the lunch room at her school. She was in the middle of reading her story "The girls who lived on the hill" to her friends. Her friends, Sky, Jordan, Sam, Alex, all knew Carrie had talent in writing. Carrie loved to write, but she was insecure about herself having talent. Her mom was egared to buy Carrie a computer, but the only thing Carrie was interested in was her typewriter which she had for a couple of years now. Carrie was walking home with her friend Alex one day when she found out her story was missing. Her friend Jordan was interested in reading Carrie's story since he was absent from school when Carrie read it to her friends in the lunchroom, at school, so he grabbed it out of her book bag.

One day Jordan went to the bookstore and he saw a sign that said that there was going to be a fiction contest, so Jordan entered Carrie's story in the contest. The winner of this contest would have to go to the bookstore and read their story to everyone that was in the bookstore. The only problem was that Alex was there when Jordan took it, and she gave him the story to read. Carrie was concerned about what could of happened to her story, and she was worried that the Amy's could of found and read her story. The Amys are three girls who are the most popular girls in their school, and they judge on who's cool and who's not. And they imminently decided Carrie wasn't cool. Alex kept it a secret that Jordan took her story, until the...