Corporate Sponsorship in Schools

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The United States and the struggle for the American dream has been talked about time and time again through history, and Michael Moore has dedicated a huge amount of his adult life to documenting such topics. Michael Moore has been acknowledged for his controversial style documentaries such as his film on the attacks in New York City on September 11th and also his Oscar award winning film on the Columbine High School shootings. These projects of Moore's are sometimes misunderstood for their satirical content and questioned by citizens and some political party leaders. Any topic that arises in our country is documented on such media as the news, radio, newspaper, magazines, and even movies. So is it such a surprise that Moore would decide to write an essay on such a controversial topic such as the effects on corporate sponsorship in public schools? In this essay, Moore goes into depth on corporate sponsorship and the effects it is having on not only today's students, but the faculty and the school system.

Due to many different types of contributions from these companies, certain conflicts of interests and dilemmas have arisen. Along with those conflicts, there also comes some benefits from such sponsorship.

"Over the past ten years, school programs and activities have seen corporate sponsorship increase by 248 percent" (Moore 143). Corporations contribute a lot of money to today's public school system, so it is safe to say that not all sponsorship can be considered problematic. "…schools get ten cents for each box top logo they send in, and can earn up to $10,000 a year…all you need is a school of 528 kids to get that free computer" (144). Companies like Coke, Nike, Pepsi, and other affiliates constantly put money into schools to either better the education or to...