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Garrido 1

Alejandro Garrido

Professor Peter Monck


20 March 2014

Eddie Rickebacker said "Courage is doing what you are afraid to do, there is

not courage unless you are scared." Those words are true since, according to the

dictionary "courage" is a mental or moral strength to persevere and withstand danger,

fear, etc. If you wanna demonstrate you got courage you must stand up for what yo

believe or know, even if it means that a problem could take place.

For me, courage is a sign of kindness and braveness, there numerous of time

where I acted with courage in my life, but there is one time I could never forget. I was

auditioning for a modeling group,"The Miami Fashion Board"; I was really anxious;

since that was the first time I used a runway. The audition was full of people, I could

see the eyes of the judges, they were like saying -let se what do you got-. The judges

were sitting around the runway watching every single movement of every single

model. I was really scared, and I even thought to give up; but something told me that I

may be afraid but I was able to do it, and so I was. I waited for my turn, and it felt

really good to see the judges's heads saying yes. When all the models had finished their

auditions the judges called three male models ; to my surprise I was one of them, there

was my mom really exited, she was jumping of happiness, so her curly hair wont let me

see her face, not until the judges requested silence to give us the t-shirt of the group, it

was a black t-shirt with white letters that say -The Miami Fashion Group-. It was a

Garrido 2

hard time but at the same time it was a sublime one, because since that day I have been

doing what I like to do the most.

I could be a model, but just for pictures and videos, because sometimes my

courage disappears, like that time when I got a speeding ticket, and I did not told my

mom, it was horrifying to me to look at my mom's face and tell the truth; whenever I

looked at her big an deep eyes I felt that I could not do it, and I could not; so once I got

the letter from the court she opened it and read it, when I got home she was acting as a

crazy chicken, she was walking back and forward in the living room with her hands on

her hips. I was in shock; she was not suppose to know that, no like that, it was the most

dark moment between me and her, she asked me to say the truth and looked straight to

my eyes; I had no other option, so I did it. My mom grounded me for a week, since that

day she keeps a device in my car that will text her if I go over 55 miles per hour.

As you can see a person with courage should have self-confidence, and be able to face

any situation with the truth and without any trick lie. After all if you stop and meditate

for a moment, you will feel that is better to go ahead and act with courage, so you do

not feel bad with yourself at the end of the day.