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This lesson is the first of five in the Cowboy Unit. It can be used individually or with the unit. It is designed to introduce students to the role that cowboys played in Colorado's history during the late 1800's. The focus is on making a KWL chart, reading a picture book called Cowboys, and examining various artifacts. This lesson explores the concept of power. It introduces students to a group of people and events that played an important role in Colorado's history of the cattle boom.

Assessed Standards and Benchmarks--Jefferson County HISTORY STANDARD 1: Students know and understand the chronological organization of history and are able to group people and events into major areas to identify and explain historical relationships.

HISTORY STANDARD 4: Students understand how science, technology, and economic activity have developed, changed and affected societies throughout history.

LANGUAGE ARTS STANDARD 7: Students apply complex thinking skills when reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing.

Addressed Standards and Benchmarks: Language Arts Standard 2 Assessment Students will be able to place the cattle boom and cowboy era on a classroom time line, which highlights events in Colorado history. Students will be able to list three jobs that cowboys did during the 1800's. Students will be able to explain orally the cause and effect relationship between the expansion of the railroad and the end of cattle drives. This assessment will be done orally, and all students will demonstrate their comprehension by a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down sign after individual volunteers give responses.

Prerequisite Skills Students will have had previous experience with placing events on time lines. They will have made an individual time line of events from their lives.

Students will understand cause and effect relationships Instructional Strategies Make a KWL Chart on the board. Have children brainstorm about what they...