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CRANBERRIES A Report on Cranberry Growing and Northland Cranberries INC.

Northland Cranberries, Inc. is the world's largest grower of cranberries, it has 2,841 acres in production and 20,000 acres of support land. Northland operates 20 growing properties in the central and northern parts of Wisconsin and 4 in Massachusetts.

Northland was established as a public company in 1987, when five companies formed a partnership. It was the largest supplier of cranberries in the Ocean Spray cooperative, the company voted to go independent in 1992 and assume responsibility for marketing its own fruit through contracts with major manufacturers of cranberry based consumer products. Today Northland is the only publicly owned and actively traded cranberry company in the United States.

Northland just completed a $5.0 million juice concentrating plant, they are positioned to market cranberry concentrate and other value-added cranberry products to trade to consumers around the world. The company is also making a line of juice blends.

There will be six flavors: Cranberry Apple, Cranberry Raspberry, Cranberry Grape, Cranberry Strawberry, Cranberry Cherry, and Cranberry Peach. They also markets the Northland Ò brand of fresh cranberries to stores nationwide, as well as to Canada and to some European countries. Since first marketing cranberries in 1993, Northland has gained a 22% market share of the seasonal domestic fresh cranberry business and as of October 29, 1996 Northland's stocks were going at 17 ½ a share up a ¼ from the day before.

Cranberries are a native species to Wisconsin. Commercial farming of cranberries began near the town of Berlin in 1860 and were grown in ditches.

Cranberries are Wisconsin's largest fruit crop and are being grown on about 12,000 acres in 18 of Wisconsin's 72 counties. Besides the 12,000 acres for growing Wisconsin has over 100,000 other acres. 23,000 of these are...