The craziest two weeks of my life

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It all started thirteen days ago, the craziest two weeks of my life. I was on the phone with a friend who just got done saying, "what a boring day this is." I said" things haven't been this bad since I moved to Pittsburgh." Just as I was done saying that I saw a bright light in the alley. When I looked outside my car was in my driveway in a ball of flames. "I've got to go," is all I said before hanging up on my friend and calling 911.

"911," said the receptionist in a slow patient manner. I said, "My car is on fire and I need the fire department quick." "I need your name and address," said the woman still in a slow fashion coming from the emergency receptionist. What seemed like an hour the lady said, "There will be someone there in a few minutes."

After about twenty minutes and my car had almost burned out, the police and fire trucks finally got there. I said to the cop, "Do you think you could have taken any longer, my car is burnt to a crisp." Then one of the firemen came up to me and asked, "How long was it burning?" I told him how long and he went back down to the car. "Arson," is what it was, then that was when the interrogation started. The police made me feel like I torched my own car, and I wanted to slap the news team around my back yard. "I was on the phone when it happened," I told the cop. He said, "we will be getting in touch with you real soon son." I said, "I'm not your son," and walked into my house.

After talking to the cops and news people I was even madder than I was to start. "If I only knew who did this to my car," I thought to myself. By this time I'm getting furious by the minute. "There isn't anything I wouldn't do to the person responsible for this crap. I was becoming out of control and I had to find out who burned my car to a pile of ash, and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I found out.

After talking to some friends who lived around the area they gave me a few names of some of the local scum balls that would do such a thing. "You aren't going to do anything stupid are you Josh," A friend says to me. "Just as stupid of a thing that they did to me," I replied. About three days later a friend over heard some people at the bar talking about the incident and told me who it was. Because they are always at the local bar I knew it wouldn't be hard to find them. Later that evening I went to the bar and there they were. "Why did you set my car on fire for you piece of s***," I said as I shoved him over a table in the bar? As this was going on the bar tender called the police and they got there instantly. Before the guy had a chance to run away, the police had hemmed him and myself up. "This is who burned my car last week," I said. "I'm going to kill him," as I shouted at the police. He denied it, but with his reputation with the police they kind of believed me, but couldn't arrest him without evidence. Four days later I received a call from the police department stating after an investigation, they found him guilty of arson.

This was probably the craziest two weeks since I lived in Pittsburgh. But after all this confusion I was able to find out who did it, throw him around the bar, and now he is in jail. It almost feels right now except now I don't have a car.