Creation vs Evolution

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Creation versus Evolution

The question of where we come from is a question that most everyone has asked themselves at one time or another. There are numerous religions, each with their own set of beliefs on how the earth and mankind originated, that contribute to the great debate of creationism versus evolution. Throughout history one of the greatest debates, when it comes to science and religion, is the theories of creation and evolution. Both sides of the argument have variations, but it all comes down to either the belief that God created the earth and everything in it as they are now or that life has evolved to what it is today from a single one-celled organism. The theories of evolution and creation are the two main beliefs that most people follow and draw answers from for many of life's questions. These two theories are a part of what can affect an individual's life as well as a part of what influences people and what their beliefs may be.

The theory of creation is one that is supported by numerous religions throughout the world. Creationism is the theory that is taken from the Bible that God created the world and everything in it in six days. Given that this creation occurred so long ago, the length of a day is unknown. According to the Hebrew language, a day may have been what we know as twelve hours, twenty-four hours, or an epoch. The information that supports the theory of creation is gathered from the Bible. Though the Bible is not considered to be a scientific book, many still consider it to be scientifically correct. Genesis, the first book in the Bible, reveals the story of how the world was created. Genesis tells us that on the first day He created...