Creative Story. An adaptation of Margaret Laurence's "Where my World Began". IT was an assignment for English class, we had to say where we began.

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Where My Real World Began

My world began much father away then most of the people in my class. It began where the summers were hot, almost scorching, and the winters cool and dry. I still consider myself a western child, because that is where I grew and where my heart still belongs, even till today.

The city was an oddity in the western landscape, it was large and overpowering, like a dragon that has yet to be fought. You see, most people think of the west as a large open field, a place where you can see your dog run away for days and where it is still cool to wear a cowboy hat and boots to work; and in many ways it was like that. Open ranges stretching on and on, as far as the eye could see and then BAM, there it was, Calgary. That's what made it odd, it was as though God had pulled a drain plug in a tub and all of Saskatchewan and Alberta's population had been sucked down and placed there.

When I think back to my childhood I realize how jaded I was to the real world. I grew up in a well-to-do neighbor hood where my only problems in life where what bathing suit to wear to the private lake near my home and the occasional dishes in the sink. At the time I never imagined all the pains and hopes of truly growing up.

We all had that special friend in life, the one you could count on to play Barbie's with, the one you could laugh and cry with and the one that always seemed to be a just a phone call away. Her name was Samantha, and she was the sister I never had. It was...