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English Creative Writing Pieces

Facing a life altering decision:

I received the letter in the mail that very day. It was a Sunday morning on a bright and beautiful autumn day. The birds were chirping and singing and the soft cool breeze was carrying the leaves until falling one by one reaching the great green grass. The morning paper was lying on the asphalt at the end of my driveway and the mailman had just placed the mail in our dark black mailbox. I put on my shoes and headed down the driveway to receive the mail and the paper for my parents. My life was going very well. I was doing well academically and in Hockey and Football. It was my 9th season playing competitive hockey and I was playing really well, so well that some top hockey teams in the country were recruiting me. However, I never thought I would receive a letter from the best hockey team in the country.

I walked back to my house. Half of the mail in my right hand and the other half of the mail in the other hand. I opened the kitchen door and I placed the mail for my parents on the table counter and I saw there was a letter for me. I ran upstairs to unveil my letter. Now, It had recently been my birthday so I was expecting a "Happy Birthday Letter" from my family or something. Little did I know it was much more than a happy birthday card. As I opened it I saw where the letter was sent. It said the origin was Santa Barbara, California. I thought a little and realized that I didn't have any friends or family that lived in California. I opened the letter even more and soon...