Creative Writing: A Day in the Office

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The gentle tune from the speaker overhead, overpowered by the vibrating hum caused by the hidden motors, all of which interrupted by a passenger with a hoarse cough. The elevator suddenly jerks to a stop, the speaker lets out a soothing chime, and the red numbers above the large reflective doors suddenly change from fourteen to fifteen signaling the arrival to the desired floor. Parting down the middle, the large metallic doors quickly open allowing a freshly brewed coffee smell to enter mixing in with the smell of perfume from one of the passengers passing by.

Becoming aware of the temperature difference with the first step out, the air seems almost cleaner in a larger more open space. To the right, shiny golden numbers spell out fifteen to confirm your destination. A woman wearing heels clicks by on the freshly waxed marble floor, black with grey and white specks randomly scattered.

Moving forward, the light reflected off the floor follows, leading to the front desk which is surrounded on either side by tall tropical plants with wide dark green leaves. Behind the desk, lit up by two lights hanging from the ceiling, in the same golden letters as before, each about one foot tall, spelling out the name of the company. A computer screen sits on top of the desk waiting for a user name and password to by typed in using the keyboard close by with a protective plastic cover on that desperately needs to be changed from all the dirt that has collected on the keys. Next to the keyboard, a cup of Starbucks coffee sits with steam coming out of the top next to a daily planner and a black click pen with the company name in gold written on it. A black plastic bin sitting on...