Credit Cards For The Young A Boon Or A Bane:

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Credit Cards for the Young A Babe or A Boon?: A Study of Student Indebtedness to the Credit Card Companies A.Introduction 1.Definition of a Credit Card 2.Marketing Blitz on Students 3.Students' Ignorance and Irresponsibility 4.Legislative Issues B.Marketing Toward Youth and Students 1.I started Receiving calls shortly before my 18th Birthday 2.Tables in student unions and cafeterias with free stuff.

3.Flyers in every hallway of every building 4.Applications packaged in college bookstore bags.

C.Student ignorance and irresponsibility 1. Students entering school are usually financially ignorant 2. Students' don't understand the consequences a. Free Money b. Interest Rates 3. May rely on parents to bail them out D.Credit Card Reform Targeted at Youth and Students 1. New bankruptcy bills 2. Legislative bans against advertising to youth and students 3. College's ban banks from promoting credit cards on campus 4. Colleges to offer budgeting and financial responsibility classes and seminars E.Conclusion

1. Restatement of thesis 2. Credit Card for students bane or boon is determined by the level of maturity of the students Credit Cards for the Young A Bane or a Boon?: A Study of Student Indebtedness to the Credit Card Companies Major and minor credit card companies have targeted a new market of borrowers to boost their bottom line "" high and college students. This study examines the tactics employed by credit card companies to market the card and the acceptance and use of the card by student as "free money."� A credit card is an open-ended loan card that allows students to borrow money up to a predetermined limit. There is no fixed repayment term, as long as the minimum monthly payment due, usually 2 "" 3% of the outstanding balance, is paid each month. Youth inexperienced with debt management, but with...