Crime in America

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Crime in America

The article "A Stigma that Never Fades" is about the criminal justice system in America. It discusses life before and after prison and what the prisoners have to deal with. It discusses the issues of jobs, drugs and early release. Prisons are letting men go because they don't know what else to do. On top of other problems they are also suffering cutbacks, at least in California. This is compounding the problem and making a solution difficult to obtain.

Since 1973 this article tells that our prisons have quadrupled in inmates, there are also millions out on parole. There are also convicted felons who have spent no time in jail. But all these categories have something in common; they will all have a hard time getting a jib. Many employers will not hire felons, nor are many allowed to. This is contributing to the rearrest problem. They have no job, no money and thus must go back on the street to make the money.

Another major issue with the rearrest of released felons is the drugs. Many felons are drug users and when released have had no rehabilitation. They quickly fall back into their ways. They are released with no job, no money and no strength to fight their addiction. They turn to what they know and that is crime and drugs.

There is a definite problem in our prison system. In addition to the above problems, there is the issue of releasing men who are not ready to be released. The orison is overcrowded and room is needed. So men are released before they are ready. They have not learned their lesson and this gives them the idea that if they are caught it's no big deal. They won't be punished so why fix their life.