Crimes of the heart

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Cast List

Lenny MaGrath - Samantha Koontz Meg MaGrath - Annie Feenstra Babe MaGrath - Meghan Berkland Chick Buck Boyle - Noel VanDenBosch Doc Porter - Noah Allyn Barnette Lloyd - Taylor Diles


Director - Brad Dell Scenic Designer - Rob Sunderman Costume Designer - Kelly Marie Schaefer Lighting Designer - Seth Rickard Stage Manager - Rachel Hupp Assistant Stage Manager - Vivian Cook Assistant Director - Hannah Rublaitus

On November 9, I enjoyed my afternoon at the Fisher Theatre. I watched a funny, moving, meaningful play produced by ISU. The theatre is close to the bus stop, and really easy for me to find it. I searched some information about the theatre before the play. From the school website, I knew there had no member of the audience is more than 13 rows from the speaker in the uniquely designed 451-seat Fisher Theater. The building also features a media booth and full lighting capabilities.

It is a perfect setting for intimate performances. Also, the whole theatre is equipped with permanent sound system; portable sound system; in-house intercom; lighting system; piano; acoustical shell; dance floor; 20 counterweighted line sets.

The actors for Lenny, Meg, and Babe are really awesome, they display the characteristics of the heroes when they came on the satge. Lenny likes a forever to fill container, all suffering, humiliation, lies in life all melted in her goodness, kindness, patience, and cowardice. Grandson she is a good sister, good, good nurse, good neighbors, but forgot to herself. When the two sisters had reunited with her began to resist and ridicule her obedience, Lenny screamed: "I'm just trying to do the right thing!!!!!" Meg is like a barbed roses, from the appearance, mey's stubborn and rebellious. She grabbed the walnuts, shout a voice: "oh! I like walnut!"...