Criminal Sentencing

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This learning team assignment we will discuss the Goals of Criminal Sentencing. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each goal from a society's point of view associated with the goal and consider whether the goals of sentencing could or should be ranked in importance.

Different learning team members will discuss the five Goals of Criminal Sentencing. Jason Frausto will discuss retribution and incapacitation. Catherine will discuss deterrence and rehabilitation. Ann Robinson will discuss the final goal restoration.

Jason discusses "Retribution." The definition of retribution is the act of

taking revenge upon a criminal perpetrator. This is known as one of the earliest forms of rationale for punishing criminals. The punishment was swift and did not cost citizen any money. Punishment that was usually imposed on criminal was death or exile. The accused very seldom had a hearing to prove there innocence. I can only imagine how many falsely accused people that were put to death as a result of retribution.

I do believe in capital punishment, but everyone deserves a hearing to prove his or her innocence or guilt. The sentencing should fit the crime.

The just deserts model is an important tool to the criminal justice system. The definition of the just desert model is a model of criminal sentencing that hold the criminal offenders deserve the punishment they receive at the hands of the law and that punishments should be appropriate to the type and severity of the crime committed.

Goals of Criminal Sentencing

Certain countries still have very primitive and harsh punishments for petty crimes. For example if a thief is caught in the Middle East, his hand is cut off. If we went by their laws there would be a huge amount of people in the United States with no hands at...