Critical Analysis of a Åoréal Paris Advertisement

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The advertisement for this Åoréal Paris' hair product persuades young, white adults in college to purchase the product through the use of sexual suggestion which is an effective strategy. The target audience is led to expect sexual attention from the opposite sex though the use of this product. This advertising tactic proves that advertisers use many levels of psychological stimuli to manipulate potential consumers into desiring the products.

The advertisement covers two magazine pages with the intent to capture the reader's attention. Nothing distracts from the ad, forcing the reader to spend time on the ad, even if just skimming the page. The first thing that grabs the target audience's gaze is the man on the left page looking directly at the reader. He appears to be in his early twenties with a white and light blue t-shirt on. He is somewhat smirking with a perplexed look on his face and seems as if he is carefree and relaxed.

The most distinguishing feature is his hair, which is completely tossed and unkempt as if from a "rough night" in bed.

On the right page of the ad is a woman also in her early twenties wearing a pink sweater. She is behind the man, and her body is facing away from him, but her head is tilted and she is also looking directly at the reader. She is smirking as well, but with an expression of having secret knowledge of something that has just happened. Her hair is in a state of disorder and she is relaxed and seems "gratified".

Both models appear before a blue background, the top of which reads 'Åoréal' across both pages. Directly underneath is the phrase "Make a mess!" continuing below, "Out of bed". To the right of the woman the product is pictured with...