Critical Thinking Case Study

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When an employee is overlooked for a job promotion, he or she often feels rejected. Rejection in the workplace leaves an employee with a lot of emotions such as inadequacy, anger and depression. When workplace rejection occurs, the employee must use critical thinking to develop effective decision making techniques to stop these emotions from decreasing job performance. One method of accomplishing these goals is for the employee to develop new skills and knowledge by participating in programs such as networking and mentoring. As a result of the increased skills and knowledge, the employee will gain confidence to promote him or her self to the management and as a result get the desired promotion and job recognition.


Work-Related Problem

Barbara has been employed with her company for eight years in the marketing department. She always worked diligently and has advanced her knowledge and skills as necessary-usually on her own personal time.

However, Barbara has been rejected from several job promotions even though she has presented quality work in a timelier manner than the promoted employees. Barbara was left with feelings of inadequacy because she believed that she was capable of performing the duties, she had proven her loyalty to the company by learning the needed skills, and she was close to obtaining her college degree. Barbara, like many rejected employees, believed that she was unworthy, unwanted, and no longer desirable. To overcome these strong emotions, an employee should use critical thinking and develop solid decision making techniques. One effective technique is for the employee to improve job performance by increasing skills and thus boosting his or her confidence.

Brainstorming for Possible Solution

We use our decision-making skills to solve problems by selecting one course of action from several possible alternatives. Decision-making can be hard. Almost any decision involves some...