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The Faith Community Hospital is undergoing some serious challenges within its Business management operations. The medical staff is conducting treatment on their own beliefs, religious or not. Making decisions and handling treatment for patients inconsistently; on a pro-bono or must pay basis. In addition, government agencies are considering the filing of charges against the hospital with regards to the current statistics of medical errors related patient directives. These challenges can be attributed to those involved in any capacity having differing views of what a not-for-profit service organization is all about.


The hospital receives a diverse set of patients with religious backgrounds running the gamut. At the same time medical staff themselves have religious beliefs of their own. This conflicts with the beliefs of the patients and the following result is dissention. The hospital has particular patients who refuse to take certain medical services, and on the other hand, particular staff members who refuse to provide certain services.

The CEO did report multiple cases of resuscitation efforts had taken place on the ward, even where DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders had been signed. The opposite event is also true to staff members not following DNR directives because they are driven by a personal directive of 'we have to do all that we can'. The beliefs of the patient must be respected. This is in accordance to the First Amendment rights.

Faith Community Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital, not a donation station. The staff is still paid, and uninsured patients are taking its toll on the hospital's resources. In any business capacity, the operating costs must be met to maintain hospital services. Pro-bono work is on the rise. There are examples of counselors treating some of their clients under unauthorized pro-bono work. There is also an example of the...