Critique on Ani Difranco's Song Fuel.

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Critique on Fuel by Ani Difranco

Fuel by the singer-song writer, and guitarist Ani Difranco, was born in Buffalo, New York on September 23, 1970, she began her career at the age of nine, when her guitar teacher helped her land her first gig -- performing a set of Beatles covers -- at an area coffeehouse. Befriended by the likes of Suzanne Vega and Michelle Shocked, she later gave up music to study ballet, but at the age of 14 returned to the guitar and began composing her first songs. A year later, alienated from her crumbling family structure, she left home, living with friends while making the rounds of the Buffalo folk club circuit. By the age of 19 DiFranco had written over 100 original songs, and after briefly studying art she relocated to New York City to further her musical adventure.

In 1990 Ani founded Righteous Babe to better distribute her recordings, which were spreading across the country on the strength of a substantial word-of-mouth following. In 1991, after releasing the CD Not So Soft, DiFranco hit the road alone, touring the nation in her Volkswagen and playing gigs wherever she could find them; her cult blossomed, and her distinct image -- shaved head, tattoos and body piercings -- soon became the look for her fans as well. Ani became the subject of considerable major-label interest, yet she steadfastly rejected all offers as Righteous Babe grew to become a well known lable among the 'punks' of today.

The song Fuel was written in 1998 and released on the album Little Plastic Castle1. This particular version was taped live at a Ralph Nader rally. The purpose of this piece is to make the audience question the government, and make them think...