Critique of the Film "In Her Shoes"

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When someone thinks of Curtis Hanson, they primarily think "L.A. Confidential" and "8 Mile" not a so called "chick flick". And while it may be hard to think of Hanson directing a movie like "In Her Shoes", once you see the movie, you can see just how easy it can be.

The Australian actress Toni Collette from such as the films The sixth Sense, Velvet Goldmine and America's favorite sweetheart actress Cameron Diaz from such films as Charlie's Angels, Vanilla Sky" stars as Rose and Maggie Feller, sisters, who, despite their differences, really love each other. The character Rose is a career driven lawyer, and Maggie is a fun loving women who is beginning to confront the concept of aging. The story begins, to the song of Garbage's "Stupid Girl," with both characters doing voiceovers as they go into sexual encounters. Rose begins with her boss Richard Burgi who ends up at her apartment; Maggie's sexual encounter takes place in the bathroom at her ten year high school reunion.

Maggie ends up tossing her cookies, and the guy she's with calls her sister to pick her up. After a confrontation with their stepmother Candice Azzara, Maggie is thrown out of the house and Rose is forced to take Maggie home with her. Rose pushes Maggie to go out and get a job, but instead shoe goes to New York for a MTV audition. The audition goes wrong when we the viewer discover that Maggie doesn't read very well.

In time, Maggie finds a job at a dog salon. After work one day, she discovers that her sister's car has been towed away. Two guys come up to her and ask her if she wants a ride to the tow lot. She agrees, and after a few drinks, they arrive at...