Critique on "A Midsummer nights dream."

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'A Midsummer nights dream' is a movie based on the Shakespeare writing, 'A Midsummer nights dream' . A 'Midsummer nights dream' was more like a fairy-tale than most of Shakespeare's writing. I enjoyed A 'Midsummer nights dream' more than other movies that were based on Shakespeare's writing because the roles in the movie were not as serious, they were more fairy-tale like. I also enjoyed that the plot was not as complex and was easy to understand.

The character 'Puck' (a.k.a Robin Goodfellow) provided the comic relief that I thought was necessary to make the movie more enjoyable and pleasant. Another positive on 'A Midsummer nights dream' was the music. It reflected the characters moods and feelings and also provided comic relief at the right time. Without the music, the movie would be more complex because you would have to guess the moods and feelings that the music expressed for you.

I feel that the movie could be considered a comedy and a love-story. The actors were also very good.

I didn't like the use of the fairies in the movie. They made the movie more funny but also made it corny in parts. I didn't like the actor for Hermia because she over-exaggerated her facial and body expressions. The character Nick Bottom was funny but he was made too big a part in this story. He was not a very important character but he appeared a lot in the movie. I don't think he was a bad actor but I think he didn't have much to do with the main plot. The play-inside-the-play also did not have a lot to do with the main plot. I think it was added to be funny. It wasn't clear in the movie, the relationship between...