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Product/Market "žhThe industry sector is telecommunications "žhProduct lines, NOKIA 3300¡¦s, 5100¡¦s, 8200¡¦s and the 8890 "žhTotal market size 7 575 million in EUR$ "žhAmount of company¡¦s market share is 4,684,184,964 "žhPeople who use these products are people who need to communicate throughout there day when they are not at home. The main target area is from the ages of 15-40 "žhSome of NOKIA¡¦s biggest competitors in the wireless communications industry are Sprint, Nextel and AT&T. Its competitors in the communication equipment industry are Qualcomm, Inc., L.M. Ericsson and Motorola "žhAll the competitive companies selling telecommunications have different features within their own company "žhThe company of NOKIA distributes their telephones to Bell, Fido, Rogers AT&T, and Smart Set. Fido is the company¡¦s primary one it distribute to.

"žhPrice ranges for the NOKIA phones range from the series models. The NOKIA 3300¡¦s series costs about $60. The NOKIA 5100¡¦s series costs about $100, the 8200¡¦s series costs about $300 and the top model from NOKIA the 8890 costs about $800.

"žhThe company of NOKIA sells its products by producing the telephones, then selling the telephones to different telephone companies that sell a cellular service to its customers. To purchase a telephone, it can be purchased from retail and the Internet. The company advertises in magazines, commercials and the newspaper. The advertisement does appeal to their customers, because NOKIA¡¦s statement to the consumers is ¡§connecting people.¡¨ The corporate website is very useful, because usually people don¡¦t know if the telephone is right for them. If they use the corporate website, they will be able to find the right telephone and price range for themselves.

When reviewing the NOKIA Company, I think that they have used the 4P¡¦s of marketing fairly well. The product is great (cellular phones) because most of us are...