"The Crucible"- Arther Miller "Selfish love of Abigail Williams." A look into Abigail Williams life, and thoughts.

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How far will somebody go just for the sake of love? For young, Abigail Williams, she was prepared to take it as far as she possibly can. She causes a great deal of destruction within the town of Salem Village because of her selfish and evil ways. To the people of Salem village she appears to be afflicted by the devil. She is not really cursed by the devil but simply swept away by love. Abigail has remained bitter from the time of her childhood, obtains mysterious motives, and goes through with the despicable accusations all in favor of love.

Abigail witnessed a tremendously difficult childhood, which may perhaps be the source of majority of her resentment. She is seventeen years old, strikingly beautiful, and lives with Reverend Parris given that her parents were taken from her by Indians. She has no morals, or concerns with god or church.

Her concerns merely consist of jealousy and self-interest; which is certainly the reason for her being so atrocious to the other girls. Abigail knows that she has control over the girls, and she intends to keep it that way by threatening them. As her power intensifies, she becomes overwhelmed with the attention. Her motives do not only come from a tragic child hood, yet from a love greater then she can handle.

Abigail worked for the Proctors for a period of time until she was fired. Abigail tells people it was because they wanted her to be a slave, but the truth is that she was impure and had an affair with John Proctor. John confessed to his wife, Elizabeth, because he still has love and respect for her. He gets out of the affair so he can regain his name and be with his wife. As Abigail sees...