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The Crucible Arthur Miller Characters Reverend Paris - A graduate of Harvard College who is a preacher in Salem, Massachusetts. In his mid 40's. Tries to make people confess seeing the devil.

Betty Paris - Reverend Paris's daughter who is strangely ill. It is believed she was doing witchcraft with others. Disappears one night and is never seen again.

Tituba - Paris's slave woman. She is in her mid 40's and was with Betty when she went ill. Goes to jail for working fro the devil.

Abigail Williams - Her uncle is Mr. Paris. She is an orphan with striking beauty. She is 17 and was with Betty when she went ill. They were trying witchcraft but cover it up with dancing. Claims Mary Warren sends her spirit in her. Acts like she can see spirits.

Susanna Waleott - Not much younger than Abigail. Is sent to find Mrs. Hale.

She was with Abigail doing witchcraft. She helps Abigail in the court room.

Ann Putnam - Married to Thomas Putnam. She believes that Abigail and the others committed witchcraft. She is 45 years old. Is said to be a twisted woman.

Thomas Putnam - He supports his wife on the witchcraft story. He witnesses Abigail confess. In his mid 40's.

Mercy Luise - Is the Putnam's servent. She is a fat, sly, merciless girl of 18. She was with the girls doing witchcraft Mary Warren - Proctor's servent. She is 17 and is lonely. She is accused of helping the devil.

Accused of sending her spirit in Abigail and of making poppet to kill Abigail.

John Proctor - A farmer in his mid 30's. His wife is taken to court for seeing the devil. John goes to court to defend her and is claimed for helping the devil himself. He is hung in the end for not confessing. He said he saw the devil, then signed the confession sheet and tore it.

Rebecca Norse - Married to Francis Norse. She is in her 70's. Is accused of helping the devil.

In the end, she doesn't confess because she would lie if she did.

Giles Corey - A strong man of 83. A friend of Proctor. His wife is taken for being with the devil.

He is later said to be with the devil, too. He never confesses even through torture. He died.

Reverend John Hale - A preacher near the age of 40. He is said to be able to make the devil leave people. Tries to help Proctor. He tries to make people confess for life, but most don't confess.

Elizabeth Proctor - A woman in her 30's. Married to Mr. Proctor. She is accused of being with the devil. She sees her husband before his death hoping for him to confess and live, but she sees him hung. Four years later, she remarries.

Francis Norse - In his 80's. Is married to Rebecca Norse. She is taken from him for being with the devil.

Ezekial Cheever - Official of the court. Accuses John Proctor of many things. Takes Mrs. Proctor away.

Marshal Herrick - In his early 30's. Is here to take Mrs. Proctor away for being with the devil. Is in court the next day helping the judge.

Judge Hawthorne - The man who runs the trial and arrests Proctor and others. He will have them confess or die.

Deputy Governor Danforth - The reason so many people where arrested and hung. He hears Proctor confess, but Proctor makes him angry. Danforth then hangs him.

Sarah Good - Accused of being with the devil. She is in a cell with Tituba waiting for Satan to save them.

Hopkins - A guard at the jail. Brings in the deputy governor to visit the jail.

Parts I Liked I enjoyed the court room scene. It was interesting to see John Proctor take a stand. It had me really wanting to see what happened next.

Parts I Didn't Like The beginning started slow. It didn't give the problem much time to really sink in. It, also, introduced too many people at once. I had to try to remember all of the people.