Cry The Beloved Country

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Some people endure harsh journeys or quests during their lifetime. Some quests can be hopeful or promising, while others can prove to be a tragedy or a disappointment. Stephen Kumalo experienced frequent hardships, tragedies and disappointments during his journey. However, Stephen Kumalo Journey was a success.

To label Kumalo as a failure would be wrong. The real failures were Absalom (his son) and Gertrude (his sister) who had turned to prostitution or crime. From this experience, which Kumalo had faced, he had gained the most experience. Even though he had lost a son and a sister, Kumalo gained a daughter in-law and a grandson. With these additions to his family, Kumalo was lucky because could start a whole new family again.

A big success for Kumalo was that he had made a lot of friendships during his journey. Msimangu had become a good friend and guide throughout Johannesburg. Msimangu proved his friendship by even offering to help Stephen out on his costly experience.

Msimangu showed his true loyalty towards Stephen by following his orders and helping him as many ways as he could. Mrs. Lithbe was also a very loyal friend towards Kumalo. She provided Kumalo with a place to stay and good hospitality. Although Kumalo had made many friends, Stephen and his brother John did not get along well. John seemed to be more interested in his work than in Kumalo's journey. Even James Jarvis showed more kindness towards Kumalo. When Kumalo arrived at James' doorstep he realized that Kumalo was regretful and sorry for his sons actions hence he never condemned Stephen.

Stephen Kumalo's journey was successful because he was able to do what not many people had accomplished, Stephen Kumalo had returned from the big city back to the village of Ndotsheni. He also was...