"A Cry in the Night" by Ellis Carol.

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Molly and her family were having a vacation at an old house in an old town called Lynnton. It started as a regular family vacation but soon Molly discovered that something frightening was going on. She saw a ghostly young girl wandering the town, disappearing and reappearing unexpectedly, awakening Molly in the middle of the night with her desperate cries of "Mother!" But only Molly could see her or hear her.

Seeking to help the girl Molly searched the history of the village and uncovered a dark secret that has been hidden for nearly three hundred years. She found out that the ghostly girl was Rebecca Woolrich and that her mother had been hanged for being a witch in 1692. Because of this discovery Molly found herself the target of an evil spirit, which wasn't very happy with this discovery.

A few other characters:

Sam - Molly's little brother

Katherine - Molly's stepmother

A Bedtime Story

In a really really old attic of a really really old house in a town called Lynnton, there were found pages from a girl's diary.

The pages were reconstructed and that is what was written in one of them:

July 7th 1989

Dear Diary

I thought the stocks were bad, but then yesterday we saw a demonstration of the ducking stool. Uggh! Sam thought it looked like fun, but it must have been awful. Imagine getting strapped to this seat and dunked under the water for not obeying your parents or something!!!

Except for that stuff, though, I really like it here. Our house is sort of all by itself, and I bought a pewter candlestick and put it in my room. It's neat. It has this great sloping ceiling, like an attic. Sometimes I pretend that I actually lived way back then.