Cults and their negative aspects to society

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The topic concerns cults as a method of direction for those who are displaced

or are lonely. I disagree with this, for the following reasons.

Firstly, a cult is a group of people that live in their own secret society, away

from the outside world. As a member of the cult, the person has given up their

personal and social life, which leads to the loss of their freedom.

In a cult, since there is no social life, this can lead to negative effects. A child

who is born in the cult lifestyle, is probably, most-likely incessed, because

without a social life, they would end up having children with other family


Even if a child is born and they are not incessed, they'd probably be mentally

challenged or handicapped in some way, because they do not have the same

social life and interaction of other children their age.

Belonging to a cult involves collective thinking. One higher powered member

of this cult will inform the lower powers about something, and they are all

expected to believe this. This way, they become brainwashed, and only

believe the one opinion, and these opinions are usually just ideas which are

created to keep the people from fear. Believing these opinions can be positive

or dangerous, depending on the cult's purpose and beliefs.

In a cult, there are many restrictions on a person's lifestyle. With the days set

out, consisting of the daily tasks and rituals (e.g. prayers, ceremonies),

everyone lives the one same life.

A cult has a higher power ruling everyone else down below. Many rules and

laws are enforced in these cults, which are very restrictive on the people. If

these are broken, the outcomes are probably just as bad or if not, worse, than

the normal...