Cultural Syncretism in Africa and the Americas (GROUP PROJECT) Includes Teacher notes, points, and grade received!

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Teacher comments: Group 5, great discussion of cultural syncretism in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Your essay is well-organized with an abstract, introduction, body and conclusion. Great specific examples for the questions in this assignment. In a few sections of your paper (mainly the first part) you should include more in-text citations. Great sources for this assignment; however, the formatting/font on your reference sheet should be consistent. Points: 119/125 Grade: A

Cultural Syncretism


HUMA215-1101A-05: Topics in Cultural Studies



Our group is to gather information on Cultural Syncretism in Africa and the Americas with the resistance to cultural change Westerners encountered in China and India. Our group broke down the questions and we each did the research and combined it all together. Everyone did a great job on their part of the presentation and research.

Enjoy reading the results.

Cultural Syncretism

Cultural syncretism occurs when different aspects of cultural philosophies or religions come together in unison or are synchronized. Due to the discovery of the New World and the slave trade that occurred here in the Americas, certain religions and beliefs came along with the people when they came here. Religions such as Candomble, Voodoo and Santeria came to be with the influence of Roman Catholicism. Similarly in Africa, influences of Christianity and Islam are blending to create what some call Chris-lam-herb. (Ayodele, 2008).

One article makes the observation about the abundance of religious syncretism in our entertainment world. It is ever present at sporting events and awards ceremonies. The sometimes present and sometimes not present representation of religious beliefs and thanks to God can be an example of how different cultures have influenced the people here in America.

China initially resisted the any...