Current Event #2

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Current Event #2

The title of the article is "The Story of Our Time" by Paul Krugman and is an article published by The New York Times on April 28th 2013. The topic of the article relates to the deficit in the United States and his personal opinions on how we should 'spend our way' out of the deficit.

The article is a two page, personal belief on how the economy should be saved from government spending. Krugman offers a personal account on his fiscal ideas with little official evidence to back up his beliefs. His POV is a sarcastic tone aimed at those who disagree with him. The thesis of his article is that government spending should propel us out of national debt.

He begins his article by bashing premature fiscal austerity and claiming that "academic studies", which he does not source, back up his beliefs that premature fiscal austerity is not a good thing for economies.

Throughout his article he quotes a small amount of outside opinions and relays heavily on his own beliefs. He is an economist and believes that he understands how to save an entire country from a "once-in-three-generations" crisis with little to no outside opinions. This article is heavily biased and is not really proven by anything but is more of a single mans ideas that have been published. This is more of an opinionated journal diary than an argument represented with facts and statistics. The entire article is based off a single mans POV and is similar to a rant.

The limitations of this article are numerous including the lack of sources, the obvious bias and the lack of statistical evidence. I think that this article should be reserved for someone who has read Krugman's books, agrees...