What is cyber crime? What are the two broad categories? What are some of the methods to prevent this crime?

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A. Cyber crime is the use of computer technology to commit crimes.

B. Two broad categories are:

1.Sex crimes

2.Illegal access, destruction, and manipulation of data

C.Some methods to prevent this crime are:

1.Adequate training, equipment, and staff.

2.Cooperative efforts among law enforcement, businesses, high technology, and national security organizations.

Crime, fraud & cyberspace: common sense and the use of anti-virus software can help take a bite out of sinister cyber crime

by: Merlisa Lawrence Corbett

Many crimes that are not specifically related to computers can be substantially facilitated by the use of computers. The easy access of cyberspace can provide a low-cost high-connectivity way for criminals to reach victims.

D. Computer Facilitated Crime Cases

1. Computers can be used in a variety of roles in crimes. Each of these roles can raise novel investigative and prosecutorial issues because of the unique attributes of computers

Testimony and speeches by Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division James K.

Robinson, FBI Director Louis Freeh, Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., and others about the roles computers can play in crime are provided via the links below:







There are numerous sites where Internet Safety, Security and Responsibility issues are addressed. Listed below are links to some of these sites that offer comprehensive information, teaching tools and activities for children. These links are provided as an educational and research resource only. The material reached through these links does not represent the opinions or the positions of the Department of Justice.

A.Internet Safety



B.Internet Security


C.Internet Responsibility