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The two tales that I have read are Zomo the Rabbit and Cyclops. These stories both have differences and similarities. For instance, Zomo the Rabbit is a tale from West Africa, and Cyclops is a tale from Greece. In the next two paragraphs I will compare and contrast these two stories.

These two books have a lot in common. As I said Zomo the Rabbit comes from West Africa as well as Cyclops comes from Greece. That means they both come from different counties, but still have lots in common. Both stories have some sort of God in them. It could be the Sky God, or even Zeus. Another thing they have in common is they both have unrealistic things happen. One example of that is when a Cyclops trapped the humans, or when Zomo got a leopards tooth. In both of the tales either a human or an animal makes a plan.

In both stories they have tricky people or animals.

These two books also have a few differences. One of the books is about a rabbit and the other is about a Cyclops. In Zomo the Rabbit there are animals talking, unlike in Cyclops. Finally, in Zomo the Rabbit you learn a valuable lesson, whereas in Cyclops you don't learn too much of a lesson.

In these two stories I realized that there was more similarities then differences. That means that from different countries, there can still be similarities in total different tales. Doing this project taught me that almost everything has ways to compare and contrast. I think I learned a lot by doing this project.