Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper

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In this paper I will be discussing drawing medium, painting medium, and printmaking process. Furthermore, I will give detailed examples for both the physical and expressive characteristics of that medium. Within my examples, I will give reasoning as to why I have chosen these specific features to focus on.


This drawing was created in 1873 by Edgar Degas and is called a "Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper." The drawing's medium was created with charcoal highlighted with white chalk. Charcoal is a material that is made from burnt wood, and the handmade charcoal that would have been used in this drawing, would still have been created using the traditional style. By using charcoal, the drawing felt as though it came to life. The surface texture used in this drawing is faded pink paper. Degas made a good decision in choosing faded pink paper as the surface texture for his drawing because it helped to give the drawing a warm tone.

Not to mention a female dancer is typically associated with the color pink.

An alternate physical element of the medium that I would have used if I were the artist drawing the "Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper" is silverpoint. I would use this medium because I would want the image to become darker over time. This drawing shows a lot of meaningful potential, however I think this drawing is too boring left as is. Darker colors appeal to me so this drawing would grab my attention more if it contained more contrast with dark colors. If I were the artist, the surface that I would choose would be rag paper. I would choose this surface texture because it is a high quality paper that is prepared solely or in part of rags fabric. This surface texture would give the drawing the darker...