Dancing in the rain.

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It was a hazy morning. I woke up with a plan I devised the day before - to amend my mistakes and start over again.

I tried to make the best out of Friday's incident - like a side distraction while my main plan strikes and hopefully, kindles a spark. I had it all planned out.

That incident that happened last Friday was a blessing in disguised. I thought I had screwed up big time. I was negative until I saw the positive sides of the incident. That Friday incident lingered in my mind up till today. My mind strays back to that incident from time to time. However, every time I did, I had forgotten a character who played a minor role before had came back to haunt me.

Something, or in this case, someone, had ruined my plan. He was the rival that I had forgotten in the equation, the obstacle in my path - and he was not alone.

It was the end of lessons for that day for many. Remedial classes usually takes place after that. She, being in a more advanced class, was not spared from attending remedial.

With almost no valid information, I begun my god-knows-how-long wait. I went to have my lunch first and coincidentally met her sister in the canteen. Although I did not had a good look at her before, I could roughly recalls what she looks like. I asked my friend, the one who followed me on Friday, and confirmed it was her, just to clear my doubts.

While waiting, I whipped out my cellphone and did my homework to kill time. I waited and waited and waited. I walked around the school after I finished my homework in the canteen. For every friend that I met...